Health news for June

MND awareness month
With the death of Stephen Hawking in 2018, Motor Neurone Disease hit the headlines, but what about the financial hardship sufferers face?

Stillbirth and neonatal death awareness
SANDS raise awareness of stillbirth and neonatal death. SANDS are helping people to find the words to talk to families who have suffered a loss and to provide support at the hardest moments. #findingyourway2019

March for men
June sees loads of events for march for men in aid of prostate cancer. Pop along to support those who are marching,or join a walk yourself – time to get those training shoes on!

National patient participation week
Next week is patient participation week. Do you know what a patient participation group is? Would you consider joining ours?

7th June – Tourette’s awareness day
Could you move for Tourette’s syndome? Tourettes action are asking you to move more to help raise funds for Tourettes awareness.

Tourettes Awareness
Many people are familiar with the idea that sufferers of Tourette’s syndrome say words inappropriately, or which are likely to offend. Did you know that this only accounts for 15-20% of sufferers? Tics involving the face or body are far more common.

8th June – Wear purple for JIA National Rheumatoid Arthritis society
8th June is wear purple for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Day(JIA). JIA is inflammation of the joints of unknown cause diagnosed in children. For many children diagnosed, this will be a lifelong condition, and may require treatment with some medications which require weekly monitoring. Why not wear purple today? #WearPurpleforJIA2019

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis can be a painful condition and can even start as a baby. If your child has had symptoms of pain for over 6 weeks, it might be worth getting them checked.

National patient participation week
It’s time to celebrate our fantastic patient participation group (PPG). Run by and for the benefit of patients, our volunteers give up some of their time to help inform and improve our Practice by giving us impartial views and advice on patient care. If you’re interested in becoming a member of our PPG, please contact the practice manager.

Carers week
Being a carer can mean that you feel lonely or isolated because you don’t have the same opportunities to socialise as you might otherwise do. You can find out what support might be available for you here.

BNF healthy eating week
This week – take some time to focus on what you eat. It’s the British Nutrition Foundations’ healthy eating week. You can find out more about UK healthy eating guidelines here

It’s really important to eat a healthy breakfast as part of a healthy diet. Do you know what makes a healthy breakfast? breakfast challenge guide – adults.pdf

How much fibre is in your 5-a-day? Can you complete the super challenge each day? 5 A DAY challenge guide – adults.pdf

Are you drinking enough? You should drink a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of unsweetened drinks each day to stay hydrated. plenty challenge guide – adults.pdf

Small changes can make a big difference. Try some of these simple tips to increase the amount of activity you do. active challenge guide – adults.pdf

Do you sometimes struggle to get to sleep? It’s really important to get good quality sleep as part of your day. well challenge guide – adults.pdf

Diabetes week
Someone is diagnosed with diabetes every two minutes. Do you know what puts you at risk of becoming diabetic? #TalkAboutDiabetes

One in fifteen people have diabetes, including one million with type 2 who haven’t yet been diagnosed. There are two main types of diabetes, but there are other rarer types too.

Do you know the main symptoms you may have if you are suffering from diabetes? Excessive thirst and needing to go to the toilet a lot are symptoms you might want to get checked.

If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, did you know that it is possible for some people to put their diabetes into remission? Diet and lifestyle changes are key to this, find out more here

Men’s health week
Take some time to think about the men in your life this week. Sunday 23rd is Fathers’ day, and for that reason this week has been chosen to highlight the avoidable health problems which men suffer from. The average lifespan for a man is shorter than that for a woman, encourage the men in your life to seek advice, treatment and a healthy lifestyle.

37 – This men’s health week we’re focusing on men’s health by numbers – if your waist is greater than 37 inches, you are at greater risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Your waist size isn’t necessarily the trouser size you wear.

14 – This men’s health week we’re focusing on men’s health by numbers – If you drink more than 14 units of alcohol each week, you could be drinking too much. There may be some associated side effects you’ve not thought about.

Cervical screening awareness week
Cervical screening prevents 75% of cervical cancers from developing yet one in four women don’t attend. If you haven’t attended your smear test – or think you may be overdue for one, contact reception and we can book you in. #SmearTestsSaveLives

You may have been invited to a smear test that you haven’t attended. If you are between 25 and 64, it’s not too late to ask for a smear test. If you have symptoms you are concerned about, don’t wait for your next screening, contact your GP surgery.

14th June – World blood donor day
If you don’t already give blood, perhaps now might be the time to start? There are some blood types which are rare and the UK desperately needs more donors. You can find out more here

17th to 23rd June – Children’s hospice week
#ChildrensHospiceWeek This week is children’s hospice week. In the UK there are 49,000 children and their families living with life-limiting conditions. Without the network of children’s hospices, life for these families would look very different. You can find out about the work

Breathe easy week
Feeling short of breath sometimes can be completely normal, but would you know whether you need to seek advice?

20th June – National clean air day
Following on from breathe easy week, what could be more important to the health of millions than clean air? It is estimated that poor air quality contributes to 1 in 13 cases of lung cancer. Find out more about how you can help make clean air available to all here #CleanAirDay

Online patient access
Have you thought about signing up for online patient access. You may be able to request appointments, and repeat medications and can do this when the surgery isn’t open. Not only that, you won’t need to spend time waiting on the phone or coming into surgery to make your request. Signing up is a straightforward process which our reception team can help with if needed. We’ll need to see some ID to make sure you’re requesting access to the right records, and then you are good to go. Take a look at our practice website, or ask in surgery today.

Making the most of your GP appointment
Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of your GP appointment? You might be surprised at some of the ideas here…/10-top-tips-get-most-out-your-gp-appointment

Not sure who you should see about a medical issue you are having. Take a look at this chart to see what is most appropriate for you.

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