Health news for August

Are you travelling to Europe before 31st October 2019? Did you know that the UK have reciprocal arrangements with other European countries that mean you can receive the same healthcare treatment as their own citizens? In fact, your own holiday insurers may insist you have an E111. If you haven’t applied before, or yours needs renewing visit

Are you heading off on holiday? You can help your practice nurse by understanding which vaccinations you may need before you travel. Ideally you should have your vaccinations well before you travel, but if you’ve left it until the last moment, you are still better to have them than not. You can find out what you need to know here Not all travel vaccinations and medications are available on the NHS, so there may be a fee to pay.

In hot weather it’s easy to dehydrate. Do you know how much water you are drinking? The latest guidance shows we should drink 8 glasses of water a day. Are you getting enough?

Would you know how to spot the signs of Sepsis and know when to seek help?

Did you know that you can ask Amazon Alexa for health advice? If you ask Alexa for health advice, Alexa will search the NHS website to find the most up to date information to provide you with an answer.

Do you, or someone you know have a learning disability or communication difficulties? The JAM card might be very helpful to you. The JAM card can be shown in shops, businesses and public transport whenever you need “JUST A MINUTE”. There is also an app which you can download to your phone which not only lets you show someone the type of help you need, but also allows you to review businesses and find out where other JAM card users found JAM friendly businesses.

Are you going to a festival this summer? We’ve got some fantastic tips on how to stay healthy this festival season.

It’s National cycle to work day on the 8th August. Could you cycle to work if you don’t normally? Not only is it better for the environment – it keeps you fit and healthy and will save you money!

Wondering how you can get fitter? Cycling is a great way to improve fitness and is great for relaxation.

Heatwave advice
We’ve had some very warm weather recently. Do you know what to do when a heatwave is imminent?

Sun advice for children
Did you know that sunburn in childhood increases your risk of skin cancer in later life? There’s advice on how to protect children from sunburn here

Do you know how to choose the best suncream for your skin? Abraham the pharmacist has a really easy to understand guide here

Vitamin D advice
As we are all much more aware that too much sun can be bad for us, the incidence of Vitamin D deficiency is increasing. Are you getting enough Vitamin D?

Why doesn’t sunscreen work?
Ever felt that suncream didn’t quite do the job? Perhaps you need to apply more?

Children off school and looking for something to do, or hoping to get fitter? Sign up for the nation’s biggest sports day. There are fun, free activities across the UK on and around the 24th August.

Would you consider running a sporting activity for the nation’s biggest sports day? Are you military fit, or just enjoy a good walk? You can sign up here

Do you know how to stay safe when exercising when it is very hot? In very hot weather it’s even more important to be careful not to overdo it. I

Stay safe and injury free
If you’re having a BBQ, follow these safety guidelines to avoid a trip to hospital

BBQ food safety
When preparing your BBQ, there are a few simple rules to follow to ensure no-one ends up with food poisoning.

24th August:
Nation’s biggest sports day
If you’re at a loose end today, have a look here and see if you can join in with a fun, sporting activity – all for FREE!

Back to work blues?
It can be hard to maintain that lovely holiday feeling. There are ways you can maintain that post-holiday glow.

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