Visiting the practice during the COVID19 Pandemic

Patients may only enter Manchester Road surgery if they have been invited to attend for an appointment.
What to expect when you arrive for your appointment.

The outer porch door is open but the door to the surgery is locked. If you have arrived for your appointment you can knock on the door to speak to a receptionist.
We now ask that all patients (except very small children/babies) wear masks for face to face appointments Ideally you should wear your own cloth or disposable masks if you have one, if not then you will be given a mask on arrival.

Please keep your mask over your mouth and nose at all times when you are in the surgery building.

Please do not arrive for your appointment too early and ideally you should attend alone.

We have opened up our waiting room and have a maximum number of 7 chairs where you can choose to wait for your appointment. Alternatively you can choose to wait outside or in your car if you prefer. Just let the receptionist know where you are going to be waiting so the clinician can find you!

If you are dropping off a prescription or sample you can leave them in the boxes that are in the porch. Please ensure you put your name, DOB and time the sample was taken on the sample bottle!

Routine work is slowly being reintroduced where we can do this safely and you will be contacted by the surgery and invited to attend for vaccines/monitoring appointments in due course. We are still booking routine appointments for childhood vaccines and baby checks, Pertussis vaccines in pregnancy and Pneumococcal and shingles vaccines. We are starting to do smears and will try to accommodate ones which have to be repeated early.

If you have an enquiry or wish to speak to a GP or nurse – please call the practice. Do not come to the Practice unless invited by one of our healthcare practitioners.

Thank you for your understanding and patience at this time.

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