Before Making An Appointment

You may like to read the PDF ‘Common Childhood Conditions‘ with help sheets on different conditions that you may need advice on, before you ring for a Doctor’s appointment or take your child to A&E at the Children’s Hospital.


Carers are individuals, respective of age, who provide or supervise a substantial amount of care on a regular basis of a child, relative, partner or neighbour who is unable to manage on their own due to illness, disability, frailty, mental distress or impairment.  If you are a Carer please inform the Receptionist or one of the clinicians at your first consultation.You can find more help and information at – and

Medical Information Library

We have a selection of medical CD’s, DVD’s and books which are available for patients to borrow for one week free of charge.  Your clinician may suggest that you loan one of these, if so reception will be able to help you.

Privacy at the surgery

Should you wish to speak, in confidence, to any member of the practice or attached staff, a room is always available for this purpose.

Privacy notice

Manchester Road surgery has a legal duty to explain how we use any personal information we collect about you, as a registered patient, at the practice. Staff at this practice maintain records about your health and the treatment you receive in electronic and paper format.

 What information do we collect about you?

 We will collect information such as personal details, including name, address, next of kin, records of appointments, visits, telephone calls, your health records, treatment and medications, test results, X-rays, etc. and any other relevant information to enable us to deliver effective medical care.

How we will use your information

 Your data is collected for the purpose of providing direct patient care; however, we can disclose this information if it is required by law, if you give consent or if it is justified in the public interest. The practice may be requested to support research; however, we will always gain your consent before sharing your information with medical research databases such as the Clinical Practice Research Datalink and Q Research or others when the law allows.

The Practice may conduct Medicines Management Reviews of medications prescribed to its patients. This service performs a review of prescribed medications to ensure patients receive the most appropriate, up to date and cost effective treatments. This service is may be provided by directly by the practice or by members of Sheffield CCG Medicines Management Team.

 In order to comply with its legal obligations, this practice may send data to NHS Digital when directed by the Secretary of State for Health under the Health and Social Care Act 2012. Additionally, this practice contributes to national clinical audits and will send the data that is required by NHS Digital when the law allows. This may include demographic data, such as date of birth, and information about your health which is recorded in coded form; for example, the clinical code for diabetes or high blood pressure.

Processing your information in this way and obtaining your consent ensures that we comply with Articles 6(1)(c), 6(1)(e) and 9(2)(h) of the GDPR.

 Maintaining confidentiality and accessing your records

We are committed to maintaining confidentiality and protecting the information we hold about you. We adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the NHS Codes of Confidentiality and Security, as well as guidance issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). You have a right to access the information we hold about you, and if you would like to access this information, you will need to complete a Subject Access Request (SAR). Please ask at reception for a SAR form and you will be given further information. Furthermore, should you identify any inaccuracies, you have a right to have the inaccurate data corrected.

 Risk stratification

 Risk stratification is a mechanism used to identify and subsequently manage those patients deemed as being at high risk of requiring urgent or emergency care. This is done via a secure NHS computer system and will look at any recent treatments you have had in hospital or at this surgery. This usually includes patients with long-term conditions, e.g. Diabetes. Your information is collected by a number of sources, including Manchester Road surgery this information is processed electronically and given a risk score which is relayed to your GP who can then decide on any necessary actions to ensure that you receive the most appropriate care.


 You have a right to object to your information being shared. Should you wish to opt out of data collection, please contact a member of staff who will be able to explain how you can opt out and prevent the sharing of your information; this is done by registering to opt out online via or by contacting the NHS Digital Contact Centre who can verify your identity and discuss your data sharing choices. Call: 0300 303 5678.

Retention periods

 In accordance with the NHS Codes of Practice for Records Management, your healthcare records will be retained for 10 years after death, or if a patient emigrates, for 10 years after the date of emigration.

 What to do if you have any questions

 Should you have any questions about our privacy policy or the information we hold about you, you can:

  1. Contact the practice’s data controller via email at Manchester Road surgery. GP practices are data controllers for the data they hold about their patients
  2. Write to the data controller at 484 Manchester Road Sheffield S10 5PN
  3. Ask to speak to the practice manager or their deputy

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) for Manchester Road surgery is Alison Broadhead.


 In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any element of our data-processing methods, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the ICO. For further details, visit and select ‘Raising a concern’.

Changes to our privacy policy

 We regularly review our privacy policy and any updates will be published on our website, in our newsletter and on posters to reflect the changes. This policy is to be reviewed when national guidance is updated.

Test Results

During surgery hours our staff will try to answer your calls as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  It would be helpful if you are ringing for a test result to call after 11.00 a.m. as the telephone lines need to be kept as free as possible first thing in the morning for patients needing to make urgent appointments. Please note that information about any individual patient will not be released to anyone other than the patient him/herself, or his/her parent or guardian if  over 16 years of age, without a signed consent from the patient.


When you visit the surgery and are then referred to another service the following information will normally be included in the letter your doctor sends to the hospital or other service provider:

  • Your name, gender, date of birth, home address and NHS Number, where known. If applicable, the name and contact details of your representative.
  • Relevant information about the care and treatment provided to date.
  • Relevant medical history, allergies, prescribed drugs and patient preferences.
  • Infections that need to be managed (if relevant).
  • The reason for the referral and what is required.
  • The name of the person who has made the referral.

For more information about consent to treatment please follow the link below.

Risk Profiling

Risk profiling: How your NHS records are used Privacy notice This practice is taking part in a new NHS service that helps your family doctor (GP) to spot whether you need more help to manage your health. The service is called “risk profiling”.Using information from your health records, a secure NHS computer system will look at any recent treatments you have had in hospital or at this surgery, and any existing health conditions that you have, and alert your doctor to the likelihood of a possible future hospital admission.The clinical team at the surgery will use the information to help you get early care and treatment where it is needed.The information will only be held on existing clinical IT systems and will only be seen by qualified health workers involved in your care.

NHS security systems will protect your health information and patient confidentiality at all times.

If you don’t want your information being used in this way, or have any other concerns, please inform the receptionist either in person or by contacting the surgery on 0114 2668265


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